” We Manufacture A Wide Range Of Solar Power Systems Which Have A Capacity To Generate Power Up To 200 MW “

With a target to satisfy the consistently advancing requests of our customers, we are occupied with offering a wide variety of Solar Power Plants. We deliver sun powered PV modules with the most noteworthy vitality yield and unmatched dependability. The Solar Panels, Lighting frameworks, and solar power plants these types of quality products are included in our administrations. We make clean vitality accessible to mortgage holders, organizations, business structures, schools, non-benefits and government associations at extremely aggressive costs. We are having the Global group of experts with aptitude in executing sun-powered power assembling and circulation.

We Sai Cab Tech. are considered among one of the best Solar Power System creating associations in India. This plant presents 200 MW Solar power period workplaces with a thing range that consolidates Solar Photovoltaic Module, Solar DC Cables, Solar Carport Structure, Solar Street Light, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Irrigation Pumps, Solar Mounting Structure and numerous sorts of each one of these items for private, institutional and business region applications. We Deliver Perfection in each progression from planning, designing, producing, supply, establishment to support of sunlight based board frameworks running from a couple of watts to megawatts according to International models

Solar PV Module

Efficient power vitality
Environmentally friendly power vitality, This incorporates green Power, is spotless vitality.

Solar Power System

Water Cleansing
Sun based Energy based Water Purification Frameworks

Solar Power Systems Installer

Characteristic power
Nature Power Portable Solar Panel puts charging capacity in a simple to-convey plan.

These days Solar Power System is critical in private, institutional and business zones to set aside extra cash, vitality. It is the move of daylight into power, either specifically utilizing photovoltaic’s cells in sun oriented boards and straightforward photovoltaic glass to produce power. In an extremely basic word, sun oriented boards can be utilized to produce power from daylight. We have a settled solar power System and foundation framework. This is a trademark extension to our exhaustive extent of material items and related administrations, enabling we offer the intriguing organization of presenting a housetop System, and sunlight based power bundle meanwhile.

Our association has an overall group of experts with skill in executing sunlight based power framework assembling and introducing. They convey idealize answer for their customers in each progression from planning, producing, providing, establishment to keep up the sun powered vitality frill and sun powered photovoltaic module extending from couple of watts to megawatts according to International gauges.

Advantages Of Solar System

  • Lower power bills
  • Decidedly influence your locale by delivering clean vitality
  • Broaden rooftop guarantee
  • State and Local – Rebates and Tax Incentives
  • Fence against rising utility rates
  • Make new income from unused rooftop space
  • Lessen reliance on outside oil
  • Lessen carbon impression
  • Increment the estimation of your property

Important Features Of Our Solar System

  • Convoluted outlined
  • Superb versatility
  • Culminate wrap up
  • Climate obstruction
  • Smooth usefulness
  • Ideal power yield

Top Five Cities Of INDIA Leading In The SOLAR PANEL Installation

The triumph of the solar system venture is the data sheet shown below, which apparently delineate the installation of the solar system plant in India and energy produced by these solar systems in MW. The drastic difference in the usage of the solar power system itself speaks about the worthiness of the solar system and huge returns on the investment, wherein Rajasthan has achieved greatest heights by defeating Gujarat in just one year by producing 1269.932 MW energy in 2016. We as a solar power system manufacturer have an objective to spread awareness about the solar system in every corner of the country and entice them to leverage the potential of the solar panel system manufacturer India. Our supplying and installation service is available for all the states of India at the leading rates in the market.

Solar Power System Installation In India 2016 IN MW 2017 IN MW
Solar Power System in Rajasthan 942.100 1269.932
Solar Power System in Gujarat 1000.050 1119.173
Solar Power System in Tamil Nadu 142.580 1061.820
Solar Power System in Madhya Pradesh 558.580 776.370
Solar Power System in Punjab 185.270 405.06