” We Manufacture a Wide Range of Solar Power Systems Which Have a Capacity to Generate Power up to 200 MW “

Sai Cab Tech. is considered among one of the top Solar Power System producing organizations in India. Our company is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 affirmed. This plant introduces 200 MW Solar power era offices with an item range that incorporates Solar Photovoltaic Module, Solar DC Cables, Solar Carport Structure, Solar Street Light, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Irrigation Pumps, Solar Mounting Structure and many sorts of every one of these products for private, institutional and business area applications.

We have a well-established Solar power System and establishment system. This is a characteristic expansion to our thorough scope of material products and related services, empowering we offer the interesting administration of introducing a rooftop System, and solar power package in the meantime.

Main Purpose of our company is to end up noticeably significant worldwide player in the field of specific solar system manufacturer which are world class as well as the financially savvy. We have been set up with a dream vision to support the utilization of Solar energy and to make preparations for the danger of over the top utilization of the world’s normal assets. All around qualified experts of our organization consistently attempting to reduce the cost of setting up Solar Energy Systems for mass power generation.

Our company is established in the year of 2009 and we are considered as a real part of as the best Solar Power System Manufacturer, Solar Photovoltaic Module Supplier and Solar Energy Installation. We have most modern present-day manufacturing offices for photovoltaic and solar energy accessories in Australia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Dubai, India and United State of America. There is no better source of perfect and Natural Energy than the sun. We create solar energy that continually expanding interest for fuel and makes for the capable wellspring of the sustainable power source. Maybe it is the main source of energy that delivers no clamour while producing power. What’s more, solar power system offered by our company is measured, adaptable and profoundly adaptable to nature.

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Solar Power System
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During the embryonic world, majority of people still cooks and heat water using open fires and disorganized stoves which are dangerous to health. For lighting, millions of them depend on unproductive and unsafe kerosene lamps and candles. Environmental frosty batteries are used in radios and people often have to travel for miles to charge their mobile phone. To stop the usage of all these things, we  are coming here as a globally recognized leading solar energy installations solution provider, specializing in high efficiency PV module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) solutions.

Nowadays Solar Power System is very important in residential, institutional & commercial areas to save money, energy. It is the transfer of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics cells in solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass to generate electricity. In a very simple word, solar panels can be used to generate electricity from sunlight

Our organization has a worldwide team of professionals with expertise in executing solar power system manufacturing and installing. They deliver perfect solution to their clients in every step from designing, manufacturing, supplying, installation to maintain the solar energy accessories and solar photovoltaic module ranging from few watts to megawatts as per International standards.

Top Five Cities of INDIA Leading in the SOLAR PANEL Installation

The triumph of the solar system venture is the data sheet shown below, which apparently delineate the installation of the solar system plant in India and energy produced by these solar systems in MW. The drastic difference in the usage of the solar power system itself speaks about the worthiness of the solar system and huge returns on the investment, wherein Rajasthan has achieved greatest heights by defeating Gujarat in just one year by producing 1269.932 MW energy in 2016. We as a solar power system manufacturer have an objective to spread awareness about the solar system in every corner of the country and entice them to leverage the potential of the solar panel system. Our supplying and installation service is available for all the states of the India at the leading rates in the market.

2015 IN MW
2016 IN MW
Solar Power System in Rajasthan 942.100 1269.932
Solar Power System in Gujarat 1000.050 1119.173
Solar Power System in Tamil Nadu 142.580 1061.820
Solar Power System in Madhya Pradesh  558.580 776.370
Solar Power System in Punjab 185.270 405.06