Hybrid inverters are used to perform a common operation that other inverters are doing, that is to convert DC current produced by the solar panels to the AC current, but along with it has the capability to store the excess power into batteries as well. This irresistible aspect of the Hybrid inverters has made them the first choice in countries suffering from the shortage of the electricity. But, nowadays these hybrid inverters are being installed in the houses and commercial purpose as well to leverage the exclusive aspect of power storage.

Hybride Inverter

Why Us?

Our focus is to provide cost effective and advanced technology adopted solution based on the requirement of our esteemed patron and our solar hybrid inverter is one of them. Our solar hybrid inverters have a potential to stabilize energy availability is an ideal selection for solar applications using renewable energy for home consumption. We have leveraged our professional expertise and elongated experience to procure effective solar hybrid inverters, which has matchless reliability and effective power storage capability in batteries which can be carried out where is needed.

Additionally, our solar hybrid inverter have a bidirectional property, wherein they convert DC power from modules to functional AC power and afterwords convert stored AC from the batteries to power loads whenever required. Unlikely to off grid power system which consumes 3 to 4 days, our hybrid inverters boast potential to cover peak consumption in 12 hours only.

Unparalleled features of our Hybrid Inverter:

  • Greater efficiency of 97.4%
  • Simple installation
  • Advanced MPPT algorithm implementation
  • Intellectual battery management
  • Integrated online monitoring system
  • Built in transformer that ensure electric safety
  • Plentiful protection functions
  • Globally certified by SAA, TUV and VDE 0126

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