The mono solar panel as monocrystalline silicon or single crystalline silicon can be recognized by its black color and appearance of the solar panel. The black color of the mono solar panel signifies the high purity of the silicon cells, which are made out of the silicon ingots. If it is configured properly to leverage from silicon ingots, it has the capability to produce four times the amount of electricity as thin film solar panels.

Our mono solar panel is made by highly graded cylindrical silicon ingots which are cut from the four sides to form wafer that ensures optimal harvesting of the power along with render effective performance, robustness and consistency. The 25 years longest warranty for 80% minimum power out from us is the assurance of the quality and sturdiness of our monocrystalline solar panels available at the cost-effective rates.

Mono Solar Panel Manufacturer

Why Us?

As mentioned above that the right configuration and defined finishing of the silicon ingots can return the four times the amount of thin-film solar panels is completely relies upon the expertise of the manufacturer and its backed up team. We have an extensive experience in fabricating mono solar panel and professional team who has a potential to deal with the configuration and the ability to leverage the high purity of the silicon ingots to transform sun’s energy into the electricity.

Unparalleled features of our Mono Solar Panel:

  • Highest capability to harvest power
  • Greater heat tolerance
  • Possess international quality, safety and performance certificate
  • Alluring look and Easy to install
  • Customization is available as per request

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