DC submersible pumps are also reckoned as the DC centrifugal pumps are an ideal alternative to the traditional DC submersible pumps, used to lift the water at shallow depths up to 14 meters such as open wells, stream, canals and ponds. The whole system required to operate a DC submersible pumps encompass solar panels, DC mono bloc pump, stand, controller and other accessories required to build up a complete solar operated AC submersible pump.

Solar Irrigation Pump

Why Us?

We understand the power requirement difference of each solar water pump, and so accordingly manufacturer solar panel system that complies with power necessity of each respective pump.

Our proficiency ensures an effective solution to the power requirement by not wasting a single coin. The solar panels manufactured by us have a greater capability to harvest optimal power from the solar energy at cost effective rates.

Additionally, our installation team inspects the whole area and selects the place from where you can yield optimal sunshine that aids in produce approx 98% power to operate DC submersible pumps efficiently. Our solar panels are robust and have potential to uphold dust and water and every inclined temperature, ensure longevity and efficacy at the leading rates in the allied industries.

Unparalleled features of our Solar Panel:

  • Easy to install and versatile
  • Cost effective and ensure longevity
  • Highly efficient for pumping system
  • Integrated with MPPT
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • High resistance to dust, heat and water

Note: MPPT stands for Maximum power point tracking for solar operation

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