Our expertise in this area facilitates us to present a broad collection of Solar Modules that is usually known as Solar Panels. Our company has a high-tech manufacturing unit where we produce world class solar modules. It is a collection of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure. These modules can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications.

Our vision is to promote the use of solar energy and to protect against the threat of unnecessary use of the earth’s natural resources. Electricity is becoming expensive or luxurious with each passing day and more people are getting interested in using solar energy to fulfill their electricity needs. Power cuts and dependence on diesel generator sets is making people look for more and better sources.

Due to this, manufactured array of Solar Modules are very good alternative. India’s solar market is now one of the biggest solar markets in the world. With a goal of 100 GW and possibly higher, India needs to add nearly 15 GW of solar power annually to meet the 100 GW target by 2022.

Department of latest and renewable energy, Government of India is also promoting Solar Photovoltaic Module under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in the country. Our government also provides financial support to Indians for buying solar panels under this scheme. There are lots of people keen to buy solar panels in India so we thought of doing a research on the price of solar panels.