The solar panels are the constitution of solar cells, also called photovoltaic cells, which directly converts the sunlight into electricity, wherein 6×10 solar cells are connected together to produce a solar module, and the assembly of solar modules called solar panels. In short, the solar panel is configured to absorb sun rays as a source of energy for generating electricity, which is an ideal alternative to the electricity produced by fossil fuels, returns higher than an investment and that is why broadly used in commercial and residential electrical application.

Solar Panel Installers

Why Us?

We are an accredited manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the broad range of solar panels Manufacturer which we have made by owing the rigorous demand of the multifarious industries and their requirements. The solar panels made by us are précised and designed to withstand outside for decades of inclement weather, dust, and water. We are highly acknowledged by our domestic patrons and international patrons for endowing more energy and long-lasting solar panels at the cost that matches to your pocket. The 10 years of assurance for our product speaks the reliability and efficacy of our solar panels which are available assorted range which encompasses:

  • Mono Solar Panel
  • Poly solar Panel
  • Small sized solar panel
  • Medium sized solar panel
  • Large sized solar panel

Unparalleled features of our Solar Panel:

  • No power or gas is required for solar energy
  • Have loner life and need lesser maintenance
  • Returns more than the cost of installation
  • Available storage and back-up options
  • No overhead wires- no transmission loss
  • Infinite source of energy, in contrast to non renewable source of energies
  • It is environment friendly as does not release CO2 and other pollute gases
  • Versatile and used for varied purpose like heating, drying, cooking or electricity
  • Solar panels can be installed anywhere home, ground, office, etc
  • Energy produced by solar panel can be used in cars, planes, boasts, satellites, etc

Note: We as a manufacturer of unparalleled quality solar power system, solar inverters and solar mounting structure for commercial, residential and industrial purpose are glad to serve and become an integral part in the success of your solar venture. Call us to get a comprehensive solution pertaining to solar panels today!!