Almost every Petrol pump requires around 5000 watts of electricity for fuel dispensing throughout the day, report says. In which majority of petrol pumps is operated through diesel generator sets, remaining are operated through the electric grid system. The reason for the dependency on the diesel generator is due to the inconsistent electricity from the electric grids and some of the areas are there where grid electricity is available just for 4-5 hours or no electricity is available. The result is they have to spend very huge expenditure for the diesel and maintenance of the diesel generators. At this stage solar powered station are very cheap alternative used for consistent power supply, at remote place where electricity is not possible as well as used by integrated with inverter or batteries to store power.

Solar powered mobile tower manufacturer

Why Us?

We are a foremost manufacturer of the PV solar panel system and have proved our proficiency in the solar powered petrol station by endowing comprehensive solution at the budget that matches to your pocket. Along with ensure reliable, consistent and effective power generation from our solar system panels, that is because of our supreme quality solar panel and the professional installer who has insight knowledge of how to harvest optimal energy from the solar energy and accordingly install the PV solar panel system. For solar powered petrol station we recommend rooftop solar panel system by considering the limited space barrier.

Along with our installers are specialists to integrate the solar panels with inverter or batteries to store power. At the day time our solar system employs solar power at its full extend and stores it in the batteries and besides excess power generated from PV solar panels that is used to feed the load. Our solution renders for a solar powered petrol station has potential to operate fuel dispensing units, air filling machine, office and yard lights, and fans for 24 hours.

Unparalleled features of our Solar Panel:

  • Ascertain optimal amount of harvesting
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Less to no maintenance
  • Ensure huge amount of power production
  • Ensure consistent power to distribute in home and business
  • Integrated with MPPT

Note: We as a manufacturer of unparalleled quality solar panel system, solar inverters and solar mounting structure for commercial, residential and industrial purpose are glad to serve and become an integral part in the success of your solar venture. Call us to get comprehensive solution pertaining to solar panels today!!