Solar street lights operate on the principle of the solar cell or photovoltaic cell, wherein solar cell converts solar energy gathered from the sun into electrical energy and store in the battery. This solar street light draws electric energy from the batteries to operate it. These solar street lights are standalone solar systems those require battery bank, pole, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL luminaries.

  • Solar CFL Street lighting system
  • Solar LED street lighting system
  • Solar Lantern
Solar Street Lighting Systems

The numerous advantages of the Solar Street Light have rigorously elevated its demand into metro cities, cities, villages as well as remote areas to light up streets, highways, yards, parks, compounds, boundary walls, boulevards, car parking areas, airports, public space and whatnot where electricity is unavailable. By owing the demand and its unparalleled advantages, we have made reliable, consistent and cost-effective solar panels that firmly compliance with the requirement of solar street lights and analogous lights. Our solar panels execute effectively with:

Matchless benefits of Solar street lights:

  • Environment friendly
  • No wires are required
  • Minimized risk of accident
  • Efficiently provide light
  • Easily carried to remote areas
  • Lights on-off automatically
  • Virtually no maintenance