Solar CFL Street Lighting System is a compact fluorescent lamp is an excellent alternative to incandescent lamp operated by drawing electrical energy from PV solar modules without any wiring. It is being a supreme solution for the remote rural areas as well metro cities for street lighting. The whole system is comprised of the pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module, and CFL luminary, wherein the effectiveness of the Solar Street Light is solely based upon the solar panel system.

Our solar power system posses a potential to uphold varied inclination in the temperature as well as possess great resistance to dust and water that ascertains lifelong consistent performance with minimal maintenance.

Solar CFL Street Lighting System Manufacturer

Why Us?

We as a leading manufacturer of the solar power systems render appropriate solution for every solar based appliance which is effective, reliable and cost-effective. Our team of engineers has elongated experience in the solar panel configuration and fabrication who design each solar panel aesthetically that harvest utmost amount of power through the solar energy and store into the batteries to be used at night as a source for the Solar CFL Street Lighting System.

Unparalleled features of our Solar Panel:

  • Reduce investment on cables and extensions
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Ensure continues night time lighting
  • Possible to lighten the areas with no electricity
  • Integrated with MPPT
  • Automatic on off operation
  • Virtually no maintenance

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